Launching July 1

I’m excited to announce my new practice! Burns the Attorney will officially launch on July 1, 2016!

I’m also a little wistful about it. See, when I graduated from law school and took the bar, Carolyn Wright ( called me and offered me paralegal work while I waited for my results. When I found that I’d passed (huzzah!) and, shortly after, took my oath (5 years ago, today!), she offered me part-timework with her firm; not too much later, after proving myself worthwhile, I was brought on full-time. In other words, I’ve worked with her for my entire legal career thus far. Carolyn has been a true mentor in every way and I’m going to miss working with her; but, she’s reducing her practiceso it is time to move on*.

It is my intention to carry on much as she has. She’s been a great role model and it will be my honor to continue what she has taught. That is, I want to serve photographers as I have been, protecting their rights and helping them with their businesses.However, I also want to work more with other creative professionals like designers, illustrators, writers, etc., and I will be offering more legal services like estate planning.

In short, if you make art, I want to help you and your business.

You can find me on Facebook at /burnstheattorney (just click the Facebook icon in the footer, below) where I’ll be posting bits of news of interests to creatives, and on Twitter at BurnstheLawyer (or click the Twitter icon below). Longer format posts will appear on this page.

I’m really looking forward to this new adventure and to serving my clients, new and old, mindfully, with compassion, and as much like a normal human as any lawyer can be. 😉

* Carolyn will be keeping her license; also, PhotoAttorney will be wrapping up its cases over the next few months so I will be finishing up my work there over that time as I help the transition.