If you’re a creative pro, your entire business is based on copyright. There are important steps you need to take to protect those rights as much as possible, including making it financially easier to go after those who rip off your work. Registration is a must (for best protection) and Leslie can help with your copyright registration questions. Click here to let her know you need help there and she can give you an idea of the costs involved.

Already found your work being used without your permission? Leslie will review your claim for free, to see if she can help and at what cost to you. She often represents artists with infringement claims on a contingency-fee basis (that is, where you don’t pay her fees unless she gets you money). While it depends on the individual case and she occasionally has to say “no” (sometimes the claim isn’t legit or the infringer is in a foreign land, for example), Leslie strives to help and will represent artists in small matters as well as large.

First, about evidence, make sure to gather as much as you can. Here are some hints to help. At the very least, before you start my form (as explained below), make screenshots of the whole browser (with the url), if the infringement is online. If you’ve got a claim, you’ll need good evidence so take the time to get it. One note, though: don’t manipulate anything–no Photoshop, no special cropping. As Jack Webb would say, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

In the USA, the statute of limitations for copyright infringement claims is three years. That’s a very hard-line rule so make sure you note the date you discovered the infringement so that even if you don’t do anything now, you’ll know by when you’ll have to do something or lose the claim.

What a potential infringement reviewed? Gather your evidence then  to go to an online form (Leslie never discusses possible claims on the phone, so don’t bother calling). Answer the questions on the form and Leslie will review it as soon as she can (usually within 2 business days). She may ask you to show her some of your evidence before she makes a determination, so please have it available before submitting the form.