Contracts, Licenses, & Releases

Ever have a client present a contract for you to sign that reads, well, like it was written in Klingon? Legalese can be intimidating, but Leslie speaks it fluently. She can review those contracts for you and translate them into language you will understand. She’ll point out pitfalls and the pros and cons and make suggestions to protect your interests.

She can draft your contracts, too. If you’re in business, you need contracts. From independent contractor agreements to releases (model or property) to your terms and conditions and licenses, Leslie can help you run your business more professionally and efficiently.

Do you get lots of contracts for review or need licenses drafted often? There are billing options to make Leslie more available when you need her and to make it more cost-effective for you than her usual hourly rate.

She doesn’t answer questions on the fly, but email her and Leslie’ll let you know if/how she can help and what the costs will be.