Copyright Infringement Evaluation Form

Please fill out this form as much as possible so that Leslie can review your matter to see if she can help and whether she can do so on a contingency fee. She will get back to you as soon as possible, but it may be a couple of business days, depending on her schedule. NOTE: Filling out the form does NOT make you a client–you and Burns the Attorney, Inc. must have a signed agreement before Leslie represents you in this, or any, matter.

PLEASE NOTE: The form will capture your IP address–sadly, we get threats and an IP address can be used to identify the sender. 

Make sure this is acurate, especially if you are a previous client.

When you (or orig. author) created the work at issue

Date you first offered the work for licensing or provided it to a client

Only say "yes" if you have received a certificate

The Effective Date found on your certificate

Please be specific to the location of the work, not just bur rather; I need to see the work in its context wherever you know it appears legitimately.

This is an important step. If you have not yet done this, I will ask you to do so before I agree to take the matter.

Credit lines and watermarks are forms of Copyright Management Information (CMI)

Be as specific as possible; also please make screenshots of these locations; if you know the server address where the work resides, include that/those as well

What is your customary license fee for a legitimate similar use?

By clicking, you agree that this submission is for review only; that is, Leslie/Burns the Attorney, Inc., does not represent you in this matter and will not until you both agree, in writing, that she/it does.