Burns Less

Ever have a client try to foist a contract on you, usually with a ridic-short turn-around time, and felt like you were stuck because no attorney would be interested in helping you fast or for a small-ish thing? Or, if you could get one, s/he would charge you a ton for the rush?

How many times have you had some kind of quick business or copyright law question, but you didn’t want the hassle of going through a firm’s intake process, pay a significant retainer fee, and get billed for every tenth of an hour, and that’s assuming you could even find someone who would be interested in helping you?

Maybe your previous experiences with attorneys have been negative: lots of hurry-up-and-wait since lawyers are notorious for not returning calls or emails quickly, but the fat bills always arrive on time. Does even the thought of establishing a working relationship with a lawyer feel kind of intimidating, overwhelming, expensive, and a generally pain in the butt?

Add in to all that the simple fact that, as a creative pro, you probably don’t have the resources to keep a lawyer on a traditional retainer. Face it, we’re usually not cheap.

If any of that rings true, I’ll bet that instead of getting the help that you and your business need, you just go it alone. You punt and hope you don’t screw up big.

Sound about right? Well then, you should consider Burns Less.

Burns Less is my horribly pun-dubbed subscription/alternative-billing option, created to provide some basic legal services to creative professionals, with minimal hassles and (woot!) without breaking the bank.

Here’s how it works…

  • Starting the day you sign the agreement and pay $100 (electronically, via LawPay), and for the rest of that same calendar month (like, May or September), you get up to 30 minutes of my time at no additional cost. Email questions, have a phone meeting with me, send contracts for review, as long as it happens before the end of that same calendar month and takes 30 minutes or less (total), you’re fully paid up–you will get no additional bill. Normally, I bill at $400 an hour, in tenths of an hour, so that’s a deal.
  • During that calendar month, and for every month you stay a member (at $100 per month), you also get priority access–that is, I’ll take care of you before non-member clients whenever possible (there may be a rare emergency where a non-subscriber’s emergency would bump you). That priority service would include making every effort to get your work done within 2 business days and returning your calls and emails as soon as possible (and before non-members), during business hours/on business days.
  • Boom! With Burns Less you can say, “I’ll have to run this by my lawyer” the next time the pushy client tries to get you to sign its contract, blind. They’ll know you mean business.

But wait, there’s more !
(yes, I just had to say that)

  • Starting with your second month as a Burns Less member-client, the amount of my time you get for your flat fee goes up to one full hour! Also, any time after those 60 minutes would be billed at 30% off Leslie’s usual $400 per hour rate (making it $280 per hour, billed in tenths of an hour). Every month, that’s what you’ll get, for as long as you continue your Burns Less membership.

Doing the math, you could end up saving a bunch in legal fees. Imagine if you didn’t sign up but needed legal work for 30 minutes the first month then an hour each for the next two. That would cost you $1000, without Burns Less. But, as a client-subscriber, your total cost would be $300–less than the cost of a single hour of traditionally billed time!

More importantly, if you’re not a member, you’ll probably skip getting important legal advice that could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Interested? Just click here for the online application (it’s mostly just asking who you are and what legal stuff you think you might need in the future). Or, you can ask any questions about the program in an email, too. I’ll also give you the terms and details before you sign up, of course, so you know what you’re getting and how it all works, in plain English.

Before you know it, you’ll have an attorney on retainer (oooh, how fancy!)… and for less than you probably spend on coffee each month!