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I’ve been saying for a loooong time that the Terms of Service for so many of the so-called services photographers and other creatives are using are pretty bad. Many of these (ahem) services have wicked rights-grabs of some sort and often you essentially lose control of your work once it is posted.

As if you needed another reason NOT to post your work on sites like Facebook, we have this blogger’s post, claiming that Facebook is now making it so that your business page is essentially unseen unless you pay for reach. Now, I don’t know how accurate this post is (and really I don’t have the time to research it today), but suffice it to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was totally accurate.

So, what are you getting out of using Facebook now?


Instead of posting to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (heavens forbid!), and all these other sites, put your work in one place like your very own blog on your very own server. If you want to post links on all those other services to your blog post, that’s great, but keep your actual work off them.

It’s just not worth it.

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  1. I concur, Linked in is no longer free, the Yelp vultures are out in full hunt, and AdWords is getting so full of fat-cats that the little guys are getting squeezed relentlessly. Facebook doing this is no surprise and there will be no backlash. Maybe Google+ will be safe long enough to gather together a profile password and a few uploads until they do it too…Best we all pitch our own tents and double rig the rain flies…

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