Talking Copyright at the TPP

Last night I attended an event put on by the Copyright Alliance for the TPP delegates meeting here in San Diego. If you think everyone is against us in the copyright fight, you should have been in that room. These people are working for you.

The room was filled with people who were working to improve trade for their countries and their people, including working to protect IP in the Pacific. They were eager and sincere. They understood the importance of IP in promoting growth and creativity. As more than one person put it, IP protection is spun as somehow corporate and Big Brother-ish, but the reality it is all about the 99%. It’s how the little guy/gal, the artist, the inventor, the creator, can make a living using his/her skills.

We were also entertained by David Lowery (of Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven and, now, UGA and the Trichordist) and other songwriters who briefly talked about the need to protect IP before playing short (fabulous!) sets.

Afterwards, I spent some time talking with Mr. Lowery and Jack Tempchin (he wrote some of the Eagles’ biggest hits) about copyright and business. We spoke with some of the ¬†delegates as well. Overwhelmingly the sentiment was clear that the groups working against the interests of artists are exactly those I have called out against for years here: CC/Lessig (and all his minions like the Berkman Center), Public Knowledge, EFF, and of course Google (who helps fund them all).

It’s still a fight. I think we may be turning the tide of public sentiment about copyright to our point of view, but it’s still a fight. And after talking with these people, I feel even more it is one we can win.

I was honored to have been invited to last night’s event and want to publicly thank the Copyright Alliance for their efforts.