Win a Free Copy of the BAP2Go App

I’m going to give away three, count ’em three, copies of the BAP2Go app (each a $59.99 value!), but you’ve got to earn it… sort of. Here’s the deal:

1) Post something about the app on your blog or Twitter or Facebook or some other medium that reaches other photographers. For example, you could post that you are posting in the hopes of winning a copy of the app. Or, you could post that you think the app will help your biz. Or you could post that the app exists.

2) Include a link to the app. You can copy/paste this short form, if it helps:

3) Send me a link to the post, or tag me on the tweet (@LeslieBAP), or somehow let me know about the post/tweet/fb/whatever (screenshots ok). This last step is important because it’s how I will know to put your name in the hat.

You can do 1-3 as many times as you want, and each separate one will be its own entry into the drawing.

Do all that before May 20th, 5pm PT, and I will take all the names of those who completed the steps and put them in a hat and draw out the winners. Make sure I have your email addy to be able to contact you if you are a winner–to send you a code.

Yes, this is a shameless request to get publicity about the app out there. Duh! I’d like the app to be successful, of course, and the best way for that to happen is for the news of the app to get out to as wide a photo audience as possible.

Thanks for the help and GOOD LUCK!



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    1. Damn! I was afraid of that. I wanted to get the contest up asap but a few people bought right off. Hmmm…

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