Off to LA

I may not get the chance to post for a few days while I’m in LA for SB2. We have very packed schedules and, though I’m sure John Harrington will still make regular posts to his blog (that guy is a techno-animal who can multi-task any of us normal humans under the table!), I like to sleep occasionally. 🙂

If I get the chance, I will try to share some of the news from the events during the weekend, but if not, expect it early next week sometime. I won’t be back in the office until sometime Tuesday, depending on the traffic from LA.

Have a great weekend! I’m sure looking forward to mine and meeting everyone at SB2.

2 Replies to “Off to LA”

  1. hi leslie,
    i saw your presentation with selina last fall in LA. i followed your advice and signed up for SB2 ! it’s going to be amazing !!
    if you get a chance, check out my business photography blog at fyi: i lost all the links on it tinkering with the template, but all the posts are still there thank god.
    see you this weekend!

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